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Power Washing Dublin Ireland

best power washing Dublin IrelandSOS Cleaning Power Washing Services are specialists in power washing, allowing us to deliver pressure washing of virtually any surface. We can provide hot and cold power washing, using spray gun or flat surface cleaning equipment. By using a powerful industrial pressure washer, we ensure we are able to remove years of weathering, pollution, algae, moss, weeds and slime. After the pressure washing cleaning process, not only will your surface be safer it will also enhance the appearance of your property.


We can provide a power washing service for the following:

  • Building Exteriors
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Steps
  • Pathways
  • Courtyards

Commercial And Domestic Power Washing

Our completely self-contained and self-sufficient vans means that we can provide our pressure washing services in any location and for any project large or small. Whether you have a need to remove gum from a public footpath or for pressure cleaning concrete, our services are available for both domestic and commercial pressure washing needs. For the best power washing services CONTACT US FOR YOUR FREE QUOTATION!

Quality Pressure Washing Dublin Ireland

When you hire SOS Power Washing Cleaning Services to provide our pressure washing services, you are hiring a quality company.

Often companies will power-wash a driveway or paving, but fail to re-sand the area properly. Not only will we deliver the highest quality pressure washing, but we will also re-sand where required and mix in weed killer to ensure that your driveway or patio, etc. stays looking spectacular for as long as possible.

Best Power washing Dublin Ireland

Clean & Protect

Once the pressure washing part of our service is complete, we can provide advanced protective coatings that can protect all your outside surfaces i.e. ground and walls from organic growth, oil spills and even graffiti tagging.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin Ireland

best carpet cleaning Dublin IrelandSOS are experienced carpet cleaners and we also have many years of experience in restoring carpets. We provide our clients with the best carpet cleaning services on the market.

Our industrial cleaning vans carry the very best and equipment from top manufacturers. By using only the highest quality products we ensure that no sticky residues remain which discolour or odour the carpet.

Safe, Effective, Environmentally Friendly

SOS offer the best carpet cleaning services Ireland has to offerYou can be assured that our carpet cleaning service is effective, efficient, and safe for you, your carpet, and the environment.

Quality carpet cleaning will extend the life of your investment and care for your carpet in a way that will save you time and money in the long run.

Best Carpet Cleaning Dublin Ireland

Our Carpet Cleaning Services include:

Office Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstery Protection
Stain Removal
Water Damage Restoration
Smoke Damage Restoration
Scheduled Carpet Maintenance Cleaning

SOS Carpet Cleaning Services also provide damage restoration services for offices, houses and apartments. The Carpet Cleaning Service also includes restoration of carpets and flooring:

Water Damage Restoration

Our carpet cleaners are technicians, trained to take the best course of action to repair water damage in your office or home. Whether it is due to burst pipes, washing machine leaks, or extreme weather conditions SOS industrial cleaning crew will know what to do to dry carpet, underlay, floors, walls and ceilings.

First they will extract as much free standing water as possible, and move furniture and belongings to a safe dry area, while applying an anti-microbial spray to reduce the risk of mould growth.

Then a system is devised and set up to create a balanced drying system using the most advanced dehumidifiers and air movers to bring humidity down to a safe level.

SOS Industrial Cleaning Technicians will visit your office or property daily to monitor the drying process closely and they aim to be on site as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damage. Every hour that water remains in the property increases the overall flood damage to buildings and belongings and the overall cost of reinstatement.

Drying is cheaper and faster than replacing, it stops mould growth and restores the property quickly.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage and smoke damage are possibly the most daunting clean-up challenge for any home owner. But SOS Carpet Cleaners are here to help you return your property to its former state. Damaged caused by fire and smoke requires a fast response time and affected areas have to be treated promptly and effectively by trained professionals with specialised skills and equipment.

SOS Industrial Cleaning Team have the resources to determine the optimal solution for restoring your property. We work to ensure that your loss is kept as low as possible, while the proper care and attention will minimise occupant discomfort, inconvenience and unnecessary additional costs.

Fires emit a variety of chemicals and soot which create difficult challenges for cleaning and decontamination. SOS Industrial Cleaning teams are trained to handle a variety of damage suffered by various fire types. Our certified team of experts will be there to aide you throughout the restoration process. With skilled personnel and specialized equipment we can deliver the best possible cleaning and restoration results at your fire damaged home, office or industrial premises.

Industrial Window Cleaning Dublin Ireland

best industrial window cleaning Dublin IrelandAt SOS, we have the capacity to clean windows in any premises of any height, using a range of high level access methods including our top of the range system called the Reach and Wash window cleaning system which sends purified water up a large pole cleaning the windows leaving them extremely clean. We can supply our clients with the best industrial window cleaning services Ireland has to offer.

No building is too high or wide to benefit from SOS’ Industrial Window Cleaning team’s extensive window cleaning skills developed through the years coupled with ongoing training. We can solve the problems of difficult access by providing a full range of solutions from Reach & Wash systems, Industrial Rope Access and our trained hydraulic platform operators. GET YOUR FREE QUOTATION NOW!

SOS Industrial Window Cleaning provides a window cleaning service throughout Dublin and Ireland.

Best Industrial Window Cleaning Dublin Ireland

After Builders Cleaning

SOS Industrial Cleaning Services gives a total post-development cleaning administration for both business development organizations and coincidental private forms. With our extensive variety of outside and inside cleaning administrations, from general cleaning to divider and floor wash-downs and window cleaning, we can give all that you require in one basic manufacturers cleaning arrangement.

Post Construction Cleaning For All Needs

Whether you have just completed a one-off build, you are a construction company that has completed a block of apartments or you have a commercial building that needs a complete clean-down, SOS Cleaning Services  can provide a comprehensive and quality post-construction cleaning service.

Authority Knowledge For Quality Builders Cleaning

We have been giving cleaning administrations to years and that has furnished us with all the information and know-how to convey the most noteworthy quality outcomes and no more focused costs.

Finish Post Construction Cleaning

Our developers cleaning administrations incorporate the accompanying:

Wash-down of all surfaces

Tidy expulsion from roof fittings, including channels, conduits, vents and light installations

Full purifying of kitchens and washrooms to make them prepared for your utilization

Clean floors and tiles, clean stainless steel, wipe dividers and the sky is the limit from there

Floor cleaning, industrial cleaning and buffing

Cleaning window ledges and casings

Inside and outside cleaning of all windows

IT Cleaning

IT cleaning

Workstation and PC Contamination

Most companies are dependent on the secure and efficient operation of their IT systems. It therefore makes sense to look after these valuable assets by keeping them clean and in good working order.

A smart office with clean equipment, free of ink marks, adhesive residue, dirt, dust and debris also has a positive effect on staff morale and creates a positive impression with clients and visitors. It signifies corporate pride and conveys an image of professionalism.

A sticky keyboard and mouse slow down keystrokes and reduce operator speed. Dust and dirt sucked in by computer fans builds up and gradually reduces the effectiveness of the cooling system, which can ultimately lead to overheating and total failure. There are also potentially serious health implications associated with using dirty equipment.

Analysis of a keyboard normally reveals remnants of food and drink, hair, nails and lots of dead skin! Recent research conducted by the University of Arizona has shown that telephones harbor up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards 3,295 microbes and computer mice 1,676.

Considering a toilet seat contains only 49 microbes per square inch you can now begin to see the real cost of not maintaining the cleanliness of your office equipment. By having an IT clean and sanitization procedure carried out regularly by us we help eradicate all germs/bacteria from all IT equipment.

Not only does this new treatment kill the H1N1 Swine Flu by breaking down its DNA, it also helps to prevent the spread of other well known viruses, bugs and cross contamination amongst users through phone and IT systems.

Server Room Cleaning

Even after a short amount of time the dust and dirt build up in servers is surprising. The reason for such fast accumulation is primarily due to the air conditioning systems fitted in most server rooms and data centres.

Obviously an adequate room cooling system is vital, but the particles that get deep inside your sensitive IT equipment and the grime that builds up on components as a direct consequence of this makes servers’ internal cooling systems less efficient, ultimately leading to system crashes and even, in some cases, total failure.
Under Floor Cleaning
Raised Floor Surface Cleaning
Equipment Cabinet Cleaning
Communication Cabinet Cleaning
Equipment Surface Cleaning
HVAC Cleaning (Heating, Ventilation and Air cleaning)
General Surface Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
Computer Cleaning

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Best Industrial Cleaning Dublin Ireland