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Coronavirus and Risk of COVID-19

Part of the Irish Government’s phased approach in reopening workplaces requires employers and building managers to ensure offices are deep cleaned in advance of staff returning to work, and also that good protocols are in place for maintaining that standard through regular deep cleaning and cleaning of common touchpoints, including office equipment.

We offer all the following services for Return to Work Cleaning, regular cleaning, and also post-outbreak cleaning. Read more about our specialist virus-decontamination services or email us directly at

Workstation and PC Contamination

Most companies are dependent on the secure and efficient operation of their IT systems. It, therefore, makes sense to look after these valuable assets by keeping them clean and in good working order.

A smart office with clean equipment, free of ink marks, adhesive residue, dirt, dust and debris also has a positive effect on staff morale and creates a positive impression with clients and visitors. It signifies corporate pride and conveys an image of professionalism.

A sticky keyboard and mouse slow down keystrokes and reduce operator speed. Dust and dirt sucked in by computer fans builds up and gradually reduces the effectiveness of the cooling system, which can ultimately lead to overheating and total failure. There are also potentially serious health implications associated with using dirty equipment.

Analysis of a keyboard normally reveals remnants of food and drink, hair, nails and lots of dead skin! Recent research conducted by the University of Arizona has shown that telephones harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards 3,295 microbes and computer mice 1,676.

Considering a toilet seat contains only 49 microbes per square inch you can now begin to see the real cost of not maintaining the cleanliness of your office equipment. By having an IT clean and sanitization procedure carried out regularly by us we help eradicate all germs/bacteria from all IT equipment.

Not only does this new treatment kill the H1N1 Swine Flu by breaking down its DNA, but it also helps to prevent the spread of other well-known viruses, bugs and cross-contamination amongst users through phone and IT systems.

Server Room Cleaning

Even after a short amount of time the dust and dirt build up in servers is surprising. The reason for such fast accumulation is primarily due to the air conditioning systems fitted in most server rooms and data centres.

Obviously, an adequate room cooling system is vital, but the particles that get deep inside your sensitive IT equipment and the grime that builds up on components as a direct consequence of this makes servers’ internal cooling systems less efficient, ultimately leading to system crashes and even, in some cases, total failure.

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